Justice for dying

26 October 1988
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Okay, let's do this.

If you have to call me something, call me Beauty. You can call me Lee if you want, even though I don't like the nickname much. I like the name that it derives from even less though, so it's not a big deal. I'm twenty. I'm single. After being in a relationship for three years, I'm still trying to get used to the idea, and managing probably a hell of a lot better than people expected me to. I live in Missouri. I hate Missouri.

I adore music of all kinds. There are very few genres which grate on my nerves. Most of what I listen to is Japanese. My favorite band is Dir en grey, no matter how many changes they've gone through, and I don't see me ever not loving them. Other bands include the GazettE, D'espairsRay, girugamesh, Alice Nine, X Japan, MUCC, BUCK-TICK, and several others.

Random fact time!

-My idol is Kaoru from Dir en grey, however I personally believe I would make a better drummer than guitarist. At five foot two, I have tiny hands. I also have pretty good
hand/foot/eye/what have you coordination.
-I babble. A lot. When I get nervous, depending on the situation, I either shut down, or I talk incessently. Thankfully I do the first more. When I get excited, I talk. For someone who doesn't talk much to people, I sure as hell talk a lot.
-I have blonde hair and blue eyes. General American girl I guess. I love having blue eyes. I do not like blonde hair as much, and wish it were red almost all the time.
-I have an unhealthy obsession with Aoi from the GazettE. A man should not be able to move the way he does.
-I curse. It's a very frequent thing. I'm trying to work on that, but I guess I just can't help it. Shitacos and Fuck me are almost always present. (Yes, shit and tacos has somehow become a word for me.)
-On rare occasions, I smoke. I find it highly doubtful though that I am addicted to nicotine, and I can just as easily stop smoking as I started.
-When I type, I type how I talk. So if things like Um... and the word like appear in my typing, don't think I'm crazy.
-Actually, I am crazy.
-I'm pansexual. No, this does not mean I fuck pans.

Things I like: Friends, family, guys, girls, purple, animals, sharp pointy things, guitars, drums, the word awesomesauce, learning about other people's fetishes/kinks, music, sleeping, random urges to read/write fanfiction, bright flashy lights, concerts, kinky shit, Dr. Pepper, cuddling, using the phrase what the fuckery

Things I don't like: Being lied to even when the truth will hurt me, liars in general, people, ignorance, drugs, racism/sexism/discrimination, water that goes more than my height, feeling useless, MSN, spiders

If you've read through this, then you either know me already, or you're really damn curious. If I come off as a bitch, it's because I can be. I just try to be honest. I've been lied to too many times by too many people, and I don't want to treat others in such a way. In truth, I'm actually a very sweet person. So don't let the attitude fool you.